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MONOMUSIK & Wayô Records presentMONOMUSIK & Wayô Records presentMONOMUSIK & Wayô Records present
MONOMUSIK & Wayô Records present
The new album from Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 composer Masashi Hamauzu

Black Ocean / IMERUAT
© 2012 MONOMUSIK ∙ Wayô Records. All Rights Reserved.

Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT

01. Black Ocean
02. Cirotto (remastering version)
03. Leave me alone
04. Giant
05. Haru no Kasumi (remastering version)
06. Left
07. 6Muk
08. Morning Plate
09. Imeruat (remastering version)
10. Little Me
11. Battaki
12. Yaysama
13. Springs

Music & Piano: Masashi Hamauzu
Vocal & Mukkur:
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Price: €
Release date:
July, 10th 2012

Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT
Black Ocean / IMERUAT

Black Ocean is officially available in the World through Wayô Records at a special price!
Be among the first 300 to order the album and get a limited insert signed by Masashi Hamauzu and Mina!

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Masashi HamauzuMasashi Hamauzu

Born in Munich in 1971, Masashi Hamauzu stands among the pioneers of Japanese video game music. An advocate of classical music, he purposely decided to become a video game composer in order to present it to a wider audience. SaGa Frontier 2, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII are some the games in which he displayed his talent for writing rich and delicate music.

In 2010, he founded his own studio Monomusik, eager to widen the scope of his possibilites.


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2011 IMERUAT (single)
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1998 Chocobo's Dungeon - Coi Vanni Gialli
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1996 Tobal No 1


Born in Obihiro, on Japanese island Hokkaido, Mina has been familiar with the Ainu culture since she was a child, when she learnt its traditional songs and dances.
She is now a freelance artist, fully devoted to the recognition of the often neglected Ainu culture.

Masashi Hamauzu and Mina have met through their common passion for this age-old culture. Together, they started this new project: Imeruat, "lightning" in Ainu language.

Watch the "Imeruat" video clip below (track 9):

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© 2012 MONOMUSIK ∙ Wayô Records. All Rights Reserved.